Monday, February 20, 2012

Baked Custard {Recipe - GAPS/Paleo} Take 2 - Even Easier!

Mmmmm....look at all that custard...I love making custard like I shared about here.  I make it WAY too often now that I have discovered it is a great use for coconut milk and a great way to get more of the wonderful coconut into our diet.

However, I have a couple little problems.  One is that I always look for the easiest way to cook something because, really, I spend so much time in the kitchen that anything that makes something easier (less time, less clean up, less effort) makes me cheer.  The other problem is that we eat SO many eggs that I have issues using as many eggs as I do to make custard.  I save the egg whites, but most of the time they just get thrown out.  I know, I should use them, but it's one of the things that gets forgotten about.

So the other day, I experimented with the custard...and it worked!  (Cheering in my kitchen)

Naturally, I had to share...the simple change makes the custard faster and easier to make and also a little more frugal because you use less eggs.  I do think it is a tiny bit less rich than when you use 5 egg yolks like in the first recipe, but it is still deeeeelicious.

Note: for some reason, the top of the custard did not brown as much as when I make it with 5 egg yolks.  I don't know if this is because of the ingredient change, but just simply do the knife in the center test to see when it is done.

Enjoy!  I'm about to go make some...

Baked Custard {Recipe - GAPS/Paleo} Take 2
Ingredients: (I often double this to have more!)
  • 1 can full fat coconut milk (you can also use milk or a mixture of milk and cream)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/4 cup honey (I often just use 2-3 Tbsp and love it)
  • 1-2 tsp vanilla extract 
  • Optional: ground nutmeg or cinnamon
Process: (check out the original recipe if you want pictures and more detailed 'how to' instructions)
  • Preheat oven to 350* and fill a kettle with water and get it hot while you are preparing the custard.  If you don't have a kettle, heat some in a pot or use the hottest water from your faucet.
  • Warm the coconut milk up on the stove.  You can add up to 4 tablespoons (1/4 cup) of water to make the coconut milk be a full 2 cups.  I usually do this just to have a little bit more of the finished custard. 
  • Meanwhile, mix eggs, honey, and vanilla together in a mixing bowl (preferably with a pour spout) or large glass measuring cup (4 cups) until smooth and mixed well.  Also place custard dishes into a large baking dish that can hold them all. 
  • Once the coconut milk is warm, slowly pour into egg mixture while whisking.  Mix well.  
  • Pour into custard dishes.  Fill baking dish with hot water, about 1 inch deep or so.  
  • Bake at 350* for 50 min - 1 hour (length of time will depend on size of custard dishes and how deep the custard is.  I have made it in cups before that were much deeper than a ramekin, and it took much longer than 1 hour for it to cook through all the way).  A knife inserted in the middle will come out clean when it is finished. 
  • Optional: sprinkle ground nutmeg or cinnamon on top either before or after baking.  
  • We like it best cold.  We place the custard dishes in the fridge to cool before eating.  But we often eat it warm because we just can't wait!  

This is part of Monday Mania.


  1. made custard today. got to the part to add vanilla and didn't have any, so I added almost 1/4 cup of cocoa. it actually turned out good. but I put almost 1/2 cup honey and 2 cups coconut milk.

    1. hannah, i meant to mention that i have made it countless times without any vanilla! i tend to run out all the time. i might have to try it soon with cocoa in it :-)

  2. This is great! I've made it with doubling up the quantities (2 cans of coconut milk etc) and putting it in a large dish. Didn't bother with the stove, just mixed it and baked it for 1 hour 20. Turned out awesome! Thankyou

  3. I made the original recipe and I loved it! Yeah, I can understand five eggs is a lot and you can through them quickly. I don't waste the whites though. While the custard's baking I fry up the egg whites in a skillet and use Himalayan salt.

  4. I'm a little confused. Does this recipe use the entire egg without having to separate egg yolks?


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