GAPS Recipes

On this page you will find GAPS recipes organized by stage, with notes of modifications needed.  It includes a mix of my own recipes and ways to do things in the kitchen as well as many recipes from other GAPS and Paleo friendly websites.

I really desire for all these recipes to be so enjoyable to us that we could recommend them to anyone - not just someone on a specific diet.  Even the recipes in the early stages of GAPS listed below are things we have really enjoyed.  So don't be scared to try them!  I make notes with all these recipes about how we enjoyed them, and I will be VERY up front if it is a recipe we liked but aren't sure others not on GAPS would.

So, don't be scared.  Eating GAPS (especially full GAPS) is very satisfying, very nourishing, and very yummy.  :-)  Full GAPS is less restrictive even than eating Paleo/primal style, so again, don't be scared!

I will continually be updating it as I post new recipes or find recipes on others' sites that are good for GAPS and that our family enjoyed.  Hopefully this can help if you are entering the GAPS or Paleo world!

Stage 1 Intro

Stage 2 Intro 

Stage 3 Intro

Stage 4 Intro
  • Baked Salmon with Lemon Butter Cilantro Sauce (you can probably do this on earlier stages if you just gently bake salmon, or you could try boiling it gently, flaking salmon apart and pouring sauce on top)
  • The stewed chicken recipes in Stage 2, just try roasting or pan-browning the chicken for this stage.  
  • Meatloaf (we omitted chili flakes and Worcestershire sauce...used their simple ketchup recipe)

  •  Anything above!  And add any ingredients that weren't included in the stages - like celery, raw cheese, spices...of course, as tolerated. 

Desserts (Full GAPS)

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