Monday, November 21, 2011

Interesting Links: From Melanoma to Vaccines to Toxins to Toys

I just wanted to share some links I found interesting, helpful, informative, and worth my time reading.  Enjoy! 
Love this part:
"A common myth is that occasional exposure of your face and hands to sunlight is "sufficient" for vitamin D nutrition. For most of us, this is an absolutely inadequate exposure to move vitamin D levels to the healthy range. Further, if you use sunscreen, you will block your body's ability to produce vitamin D!

And, contrary to popular belief, the best time to be in the sun for vitamin D production is actually as near to solar noon as possible which is 1 PM in the summer for most (due to Daylight Saving Time).. The more damaging UVA rays are quite constant during ALL hours of daylight, throughout the entire year -- unlike UVB, which are low in morning and evening and high at midday.

When using the sun to maximize your vitamin D production and minimize your risk of malignant melanoma, the middle of the day (roughly between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.) is the best and safest time. During this time you need the shortest exposure time to produce vitamin D because UVB rays are most intense at this time. Plus, when the sun goes down toward the horizon, the UVB is filtered out much more than the dangerous UVA."
  • Fantastic Posts from Food Renegade about Pork - I am just beginning to learn about this.   
  1. Is Pork bad for you?
  2. Guide to Pork - what to buy, how to eat it.  
  • Love this post about toys.  We are continually working towards simplifying our toy collection and making sure the toys we have are truly good to have for play and imagination.  
  • Vaccine movie from both sides.  I want to see this.  I am not anti-vaccine, and I believe most parents who do not follow the recommended vaccine schedules are also not anti-vaccine.  I am pro-SAFE vaccines and only for truly necessary diseases, not 'give my child a vaccine for anything and everything that could possibly give them a fever.  Have you looked at how many vaccines are 'recommended' to pour into an INFANT's body in the first year of life?!  Their bodies can NOT handle this.  And it is not necessary.  We need to take responsibility for our children and learn how to properly take care of sicknesses - foods, herbs, natural remedies, etc. to support our children's bodies when they get sick so their immune systems fight and gain strength.  Okay, I'm gonna stop now...
Hope you enjoy reading!

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