Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal Plan! Week 6 {Plan It - Don't Panic}

Last week hit us with a stomach bug in all 3 of the men in the house, me with a nasty cold, and our house with an issue.  So...all that to say we had a night of impromptu eating out and our leftovers stretched longer than I expected (which is always exciting!).  Therefore, there are a few repeats from last week's menu that I get to do this week! 

B: Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Spinach sauteed in bacon grease
L: Leftovers
D: Salmon Patties, Green Beans with bacon grease and onions, bone broth

Food Prep: Make Chicken Bone Broth and sauerkraut, Get supplies for rendering lard/tallow

B: egg muffins (save leftovers for Thursday morning)
L: egg drop soup with shiitake mushrooms and green onions
D: Creamy cauliflower Meatball Soup with salad and steamed broccoli with raw butter

Food Prep: finish chicken bone broth, roast beef meat soup bones, render lard and/or tallow

B: Smoothies and fried eggs
L: Chicken 'Noodle' Soup
D: Brisket with Carrots and Onions, Side Salad

Food Prep: beef broth (with roasted meat bones and 'dog bones'), prep meat and veggies for Thursday's dinner

B: leftover egg muffins
L: leftover brisket, salad
D: hamburger soup in crock pot (start AM), Side Salad

Food Prep: finish beef broth
side note: look at all those marrow bones and knuckle bones and meat rich and wonderful!! 

B: Smoothies and scrambled eggs
L: Pizza (cauliflower, egg, and raw cheddar cheese crust) or leftovers
D: Zucchini Noodle Chicken Spaghetti 'Casserole', Side Salad

Food Prep: Boil Chicken, Save Meat broth, De-bone chicken (meat for weekend meals)

B: casserole (leftovers for Sunday breakfast)
L: baked salmon (leftovers for Sunday lunch) with salad and veggies
D: Chicken Rosemary Soup (leftovers and any other leftovers for dinner Sunday)

Food Prep: make sure plenty of leftovers for meals Sunday, make chicken salad

Sunday: (leftovers - no cooking!)

I am listing some possibilities for sides/snacks/small meals to make - these are just in case I need more for a meal.  I won't be making all of these, but I wanted to have them listed as a quick resource for my easily distracted brain! :-)

Possible Sides: cucumber salad, beet salad, green salad, green beans in bacon grease, zucchini/yellow squash fritters in bacon grease, butternut squash bake, roasted butternut squash, carrot soup, summer squash soup, pea soup

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