Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Past Week in Links

There have been so many great things I have been reading over the past week or so on some of my favorite food/health websites.  I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorites every now and then.  I am so thankful for these people who share their knowledge and wisdom, and I am thankful God can use something like the internet to teach me and then help our family and kiddos in so many different areas of life.  So, without more rambling on my part, here are some great reads...

Dangerous Chemicals in our kids' clothing/sleepwear.  (This is so important and something that is just not known or discussed.  I will from now on be passing along to all family as well that I would appreciate only 100% cotton clothing, especially in sleepwear.)

Tons of fantastic information - much I need to research and think about  before we have another baby!  Including natural mattresses (it's scary to know what is in our mattresses where we spend so much time...well, at least the kids spend so much time haha). 

Great summary about sweeteners - including how horrible all artificial sweeteners are and how agave is not good! 

Homeopathy - Some recent viruses and ear infections have inspired me to look into this and research it much more, including trying to find a homeopath or naturopath we can work with in our area.  It can be overwhelming to dive into an area I know nothing about - much like I felt when we started learning about food and changing the way we did things a few years ago.  Step by step - 1 thing at a time. So right now, I am simply looking into what homeopathy is and some remedies for children, especially for earaches, since that's what we're dealing with right now. 

An amazing post about broth.  AMAZING.  seriously.  read it.  share it.  MAKE broth! It is so beautiful to me that what God created (animals) can nourish us in countless ways.  Broth makes everything easier to digest and assimilate.  It can also help us tolerate and digest things like eggs, dairy, and vegetables that we wouldn't be able to handle by themselves (intolerances or sensitivities).  Broth got us through a recent HORRID stomach virus with our 16 month old.  He loved it even during his sickness, and I felt confident he was being nourished although so sick!  And he never came close to being dehydrated, and I knew he was being nourished with good salt, electrolytes, minerals, and fat.

Great post on calories and losing weight and being healthy.  It breaks my heart and almost angers me that our society is so focused on simply calorie count, fat intake, and other false focuses for losing weight.  Health is NOT equal with losing weight or being a certain number on the scale or size in clothes!

Okay, I think I'll stop there, although I could go on and on :-).  I hope you enjoy some of the reading!! 

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